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Guru Nanak Sahib: Revoluntary in Oneness Conference

Guru Nanak Sahib: Revolutionary in Oneness Conference 19 Oct.2019, Surrey Campus of Simon Fraser University, VA, Canada

The conference will explore the philosophies that shaped spiritual and temporal life in South Asia and challenge common perceptions of Guru Nanak Sahib.

My Sikhi & SikhRI Journey

I stand here before you not as a CEO of the Sikh Research Institute, nor as an author or poet, but as a lover …

A lover of Sikhi, and hopefully my words will flow from that place of love.

24 Oct. 2017, Orange County, CA, USA

Vaisakhi at the Pentagon

Inni Kaur, Chair Sikh Research institute, speaks at the Pentagon’s second Vaisakhi event on the principle of Seva to commemorate the Sikh faith on May 1, 2015.

Seva - Selfless service; spiritually-grounded service; ego-less service. Yes, it is all this and more.

Seva in Sikh thought is embedded with social and political responsibility, with a strong focus on standing in service of the defenseless.

Seva flows from the principle that, “The Divine Light is in all; and that Light is the same.”
Therefore, there are no strangers, for the One resides in all.

First Vaiskhi commemorated at the Office of the Pentagon Chaplain

On April 25, 2014, for the first time in American history, the Office of the Pentagon Chaplain commemorated Vaisakhi, one of the most religiously significant days in the Sikh tradition.

Inni Kaur’s address:
Every year on Vaisakhi, Sikhs come together to commemorate and reflect on this significant historical event.

While the community holds a special place in its collective heart for this occasion, Vaisakhi is not a “holiday” in that the Sikh tradition does not regard any one time or day to be uniquely “holy.” Rather, it is an occasion for celebrating the community’s growth and for recalling a set of shared values and collective memories.

25, April 2014, Washington DC, USA

“One Man, Many Legacies” – My Pitaji

Bhai Vir Singh “One Man, Many Legacies”, Hoff Theatre, University of Maryland
24 Sept. 2016, Maryland, MD, USA

To the world, he is Bhai Vir Singh, the “Sixth River of Panjab.” To me, he is simply Pitaji. There are no family or blood ties, but there is a bond that transcends time and space. He used to say, “the ones who want to meet me, can meet me through my writings.” I met him through his verses. His monumental work, Guru Nanak Chamatkar, brought everything to life for me and I learned about the First Nanak through his eyes. His expositions of the Sabad, kindled within me the desire to experience the fragrance of Nam. This talk is about my journey of discovery, and falling in love with Sikhi, through Pitaji’s inspirational writings.


Inni Kaur, the CEO of the Sikh Research Institute tells us about her international childhood,the contradictions she had to untangle in the search for her faith and what it means to lead the life of a Sikh. - June 2017
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Inni Kaur discusses with The Sikh Cast host, Manpreet Jassal, the current state of protest in the United States. In a recent article, she reflects back in time to when Sikhs protested for their land and share her findings. - June 2020
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I have been yearning to experience a silent retreat. Not a structured one but a personal one. Being somewhat of a recluse, I just cannot see myself in a structured environment. It goes against my very core. - Sept. 2019
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This episode features Inni Kaur’s unique Sikh journey from someone who was an outsider but fell in love with Gurbani (Sabad) after 1984. If you want to get inspired, don't miss this one!
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