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The Story of Us

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A fun way and easy way to introduce children to color, race, religion, and so much more. Ms. Hollins’ class is buzzing with excitement. Author Nayan Chanda is coming to visit them. They’ve made a welcome banner, pinned a world-map, and have drawn pictures of continents. The author, shares with them the human migration story that happened centuries ago from Africa. The children are awe-struck. They are intrigued that their blood and saliva carry their genetic story. The author leaves them with a powerful message:

We speak different languages.
We dress differently.
We pray differently.
We eat different foods.
We live in different houses.
We even look different.
But, we are one People.

Illustrator bioSchandra Singh

Schandra Singh is a painter. She was born in the USA but her heritage stems from India and Austria. She gained her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and MFA from Yale University. She uses the methods of pop expressionism and miniature painting to talk about the human condition in a time of uncertainty. She has shown her work all over the world and has been published in New York Magazine, The Economist, Vogue, and NPR. When not painting Singh loves to be drawing and printmaking. She gains her inspiration from walks in nature, travel, and the sweet smile of her little dog Nalu – all reminders that we are part of something greater.

Journey with the Gurus

“Retold” stories based on the life and travels of Guru Nanak Sahib, inspired by Bhai Vir Singh’s book Guru Nanak Chamatkar. Discussion points at the end of each chapter to stimulate young minds.

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