Legacy of Love

As Mother’s Day approaches, I find myself in a reflective mood, contemplating the profound journey of motherhood and the intricate threads that weave through generations. Now, as a grandmother, I am enchanted by the innocence and wonder of my two-and-a-half-year-old grandson as he explores the world around him. Each mischievous act he performs fills me with joy, evoking memories of my daughters and the boundless lessons they imparted to me through their innocent eyes.

Yet, amidst this joyous reflection, my thoughts are drawn to my mother. As a child, I was introverted, scarcely uttering a word, content to observe from the shadows. At the same time, she radiated with magnetic energy, illuminating every gathering with her infectious laughter and captivating presence. Meanwhile, I lingered in the periphery, yearning for invisibility.

With the arrival of my baby sister, a vision of beauty, I found solace in her adoration, clinging to her as she became the darling of all who beheld her. Despite being the quiet, dark-colored child, I never felt overshadowed by the luminosity of my mother and sister.

Though external perceptions may have painted me as a child relegated to the sidelines, a more profound truth lay veiled beneath the surface—a truth of unconditional love and adoration within the sacred confines of our familial sanctuary. My mother’s endearing moniker, “meri (my) Inni,” whispered affectionately; my father’s unwavering devotion, my grandfather’s adoration, and my sister trailing faithfully in my footsteps—all served as testaments to the depth of love that enveloped me. Despite the harshness of the outside world, I was a cherished star within the confines of home.

My mother’s love knew no bounds, manifesting in every meticulously chosen garment, from my teenage attire to my wedding trousseau adorned with saris from the temples of South India, handbags bearing the mark of German craftsmanship, shoes from England, and jewelry designed by her. Even after my US migration, she continued sending me “proper clothes” and coordinating my attire and jewelry for family weddings and special occasions.

In her gestures of love, I discovered a treasure beyond measure—the profound gift of being unconditionally cherished. It is a sacred offering, a sensation that transcends earthly bounds, resonating with the whispers of the divine and guiding me through the labyrinth of existence with gentle reassurance. As I contemplate the legacy of this love, I am humbled by the infinite compassion and grace bestowed upon me.

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