Bed of Red

Beneath the layers
of tradition, religion
reasoning and understanding,
I burn
in passion’s bed of red.

Sensations of pleasure
arising from my core
scorch my veil.

Flames of feast burn,
I yearn,
lying there waiting.

Aches of passion
weave into my being.
I am shimmering.

You see me
feel the heat.
You want to play
the scorching game.

You touch me,
igniting me,
You tremble
as I ignite you.

Consumed by fire,
Passion flower blooms.

You swoon,
Amazing splendor experienced.

Quenched, enchanted
and sweetness-satiated,
you leave.

I know
you’ll come back to me.

I’ve seared my image
on your flesh and mind.

I retreat
once more.

Shrouded in the layers
of tradition, religion,
reasoning and understanding,
I wait
till passion beckons me
to bloom in her red flame.

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