Eternity Promised

I had closed
The door to my heart
And made a pact with myself
To find happiness elsewhere,
And I did.

But one summer evening,
I looked to the heavens
And asked, “Will I ever experience love?”
Your face appeared before me.
“You love him,” whispered the wind.
I shuddered.
“How could this be?”
I fought with myself,
I fought with the elements,
I tried to forget,
I tried to rise above it.
But I failed.

For the sake of my sanity,
I embraced you secretly.
All was going well
Or so I thought.

And then one morning, you called
And asked, “What about us?”
Your words took me by surprise,
My secret was discovered.
The rest you know, my Love.
That I am yours and only yours
Till eternity.

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