Love’s Journey

I whisper:
Your presence brings peace to my heart,
But my heart knows no peace.
Pray that my heart finds peace, my Love
I am scared of the journey ahead.

He replies:
Sweetness, the sight of your shadow makes you shy,
This is just the first step in this journey of love
and already you are scared?
What will I go through… have you thought about that?
My eyes only see you,
Your eyes are where I want to be.

What should I do now?
My heart desires you,
My being needs you,
What should I do now?

I may be able to rise and fall on my own,
But if you hold my hand,
I will be able to change the world.
So, I ask for your hand for the sake of the world.
Sweetness, now you decide…
What will you do?

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